Services (continued)

Direct Sales
Productivity Audits
Evaluate, benchmark and optimize a company or its sales and marketing departments on the best use of personnel, skill sets, information management, compensation, marketing integration, performance measurements, management methods, sales tactics, etc. to achieve its business objectives.

Market Research
Professionally designed and executed surveys or interviews of industry-representative companies, competitors and/or competitors' customers to objectively determine the Client's and/or competitors' marketing positioning, brand awareness, product quality, pricing and quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the Client's and/or competitors' selling performance.
Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Professionally designed and executed surveys of customers or employees to objectively determine their perceptions, attitudes and analyze their quantitative and qualitative rating of products, services and Client employee (SIC) performance.

Mystery Shopping
Pro-Shopper Anonymous telephone calls, web visits or in-person visits by professional shoppers to assess employee attitudes, sales skills and/or customer service performance within the company or within the client's distribution channels.

Sales Training
Customer Support and Telemarketing Training Our unique training is real-time on the phone/in the field with the sellers. They make sales under a Sales Trainer's supervision by replacing poor habits with lasting skills. Train-the-Trainer programs are part of large group projects. Selling to Executives: a specialty

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