Corporate Strategy and Implementation

If you feel you need a more focused, team-consensus and effective Corporate Strategy for your business EMA can help. EMA's process is to confirm the answers to key questions that determine how you run your business, plus, the implications/ramifications of these answers on Marketing, Sales, Operations, Production, etc. You and your management team MUST be intimately involved in these studies and discussions (never outsource your strategy or business plan to a third party). Some of the key questions we cover with you and your team, using a variety of methods and settings, are: (more . . .)

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Depending upon the success of your current strategies, taking your product/service to market involves a myriad of details your management team must execute, control and measure. EMA guides you and your team through the process of developing one or more of the following:

(more , , ,)

Sales Strategy and Implementation

The MOST common source of under performance in business is in sales. Whether it is poor hiring, too few selling entities, wrong sales channels, poor training (way too frequent), inadequate sales support, sales tools and sales performance measurements EMA can help.

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