More Telemarketing strategy and training testimonials

"Steve Garner paid close attention to all the details required to develop, implement and assess our Telemarketing Project. In my book, he's tops!"

Robert Michel, Editor

The Dark Group Inc.

"EMA did so well automating and training our Inbound Sales people that we contracted with them to set up an Outbound Sales Department as well. In the first month the two new employees had 7 single-contact, outbound sales of over $2,000 per sale!"

Elizabeth Hands, President

ESHA Research Inc.

"Our Telemarketing department was making the transition from a service to a sales focus. While many of my staff had sales experience, we decided additional outside training was desirable to make the change successfully.

"Steve began our project by spending several hours with myself and my sales manager to fully understand our business. Only when he was comfortable with our products and procedures did he begin to design our training course. In addition, he spent time with each sales person on my staff to get familiar with individual strengths and weaknesses, and addressed them in his training outline.

"The training provided was very personalized, not only to our business, but also to each staff member. Individual goals were set, and Steve got complete buy-in from the staff before and during the training sessions. Because of this personalized approach, the training was a great success. Sales goals were met in almost every individual case, and the group as a whole exceeded goal by over 15% the month after training."

Steve Dauenhauer, Assistant Vice President & Manager Telemarketing

US Bank

"EMA brought us to the "outbound" telemarketing competency level which totally prepares us for all Telesales opportunities. We're excited!"

Rick Stone, Supervisor Business Services

Portland General Electric.

"EMA trained our reps and showed us how to track their performance. During and after the training our cross-selling improved dramatically, our sales leads were much better qualified."

Allan Jaklich, Supervisor Customer Programs

Portland General Electric

"The GemStone Telebusiness Department currently supports our field sales team with qualified leads generated by cold call out bound prospecting and marketing events such as seminars and trade shows supported by advertising and direct mail. EMA was brought in to analyze department performance in its participation of its first sales cycle. EMA quickly assessed our Telebusiness performance in a sequential lead flow model and recommended the benefits of a parallel team approach with a common corporate/field database. It's important for GemStone to track leads by source and follow to closure. In this regard, the audit pinpointed specific areas of potential improvement and Mr. Garner's recommendations will be used as a road map for implementation. I was pleased to work with Mr. Garner, his professional and personal attributes made it a learning, and a rewarding experience."

Kelly Corrigan, Telebusiness Manager

GemStone Systems, Inc.

"When we decided to ask and provide support to our 60+ Technical Support Reps to sell during inbound technical support calls we had Effective Marketing develop a Telesales training program for them. The program was effective in showing them how to identify and present new sales opportunities during their support calls."

Teresa Warsop, Technical Support Manager

Central Point Software

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