More Sales and Marketing strategy and tactics testimonials

"Steve worked very effectively with our Sales and Marketing team to assess our needs and to point us in the right direction as we revitalized our strategy to pursue the e-Business marketplace!"

Jerry Frank, President

Client Server Group

"Stephen asked four or five laser-like questions that truly refocused the way we organize sales and marketing. We now have revealing data and a far more effective organizational structure to support successful sales and marketing."

Jeff Wiles, President

Advanced Educational Systems, Inc.

"Commercial Information Systems needed to better define its market stratification as well as to maximize results within its existing sales force. EMA provided valuable guidance in further determining our company's market strata and developed a plan for better penetrating those markets. This included more clearly defining prospect types and priorities as well as modifying our sales incentive programs and automated sales contact management systems in line with this sales re-focusing effort."

Glenn Jacobs, Executive Vice President

Commercial Information Systems, Inc.

"Effective Marketing Associates helped me become known as a nationally-known consumer advocate and investigative reporter by creating a national marketing strategy for my speaking business. The new strategy involved creation of collateral materials, direct-market mailings, and timed-response activities. This concentrated effort resulted in a significant increase in bookings and enhanced recognition in previously untapped markets."

Chuck Whitlock, Chairman

D-W International Industries Corp.

"Steve has helped us focus our Marketing and Sales areas in a way that can be restructured to fit new service offerings in the future. I am personally very comfortable working with Steve."

Rick Sanders, President


"Steve was great to work with! Through his knowledge and help we learned how to make marketing and lead tracking work for us. Thanks!"

Norm Matheis, President

Specialty Heating & Fabrication, Inc.

"Effective Marketing Associates had a significant and noticeable effect on our sales organization - right away! This is more than I can say for most consulting organizations. For the three months since EMA's restructure of our Branded Sales Group, they have exceeded their sales goals - for the first time this year!"

Scot Davidson, President,

RADIALL/LARSEN Antenna Technologies, Inc.

"Steve did a great job of focusing my salespeople and really getting them to concentrate on getting new business, not just waiting for the phone to ring."

Doug O'Brien, President

Projectus, Inc.

“Effective Marketing Associates trained our reps and showed us how to track their performance. During and after the training our cross-selling improved dramatically, our sales leads were much better qualified.”

Allan Jaklich, Supervisor Customer Programs

Portland General Electric

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