More Customer Relationship Management Testimonials

"Steve provides a fantastic resource for digging issues and opportunity out of the organization without threatening the initiative. His interview skills and insights drew creative contributions and threw light on issues we had in the organization. It's like having a partner for the heavy lifting part of a CRM software implementation project."

Mark A. Cleveland, Executive Vice President of Sales,


"PNV found EMA insights and knowledge invaluable in our research of the Customer Relationship Management industry. With Steve's help PNV successfully choose and deployed a solution that met our needs and exceeded our expectations."

Joseph T. Illig, Director of Fleet Sales/Business Development


"TMI is an outsourcing company that specializes in services geared toward improving internal processes and cash flow for transportation companies. One of our greatest strengths is our expertise in back office processes. Based on this experience, we were quick to realize that in an arena that we know very little about, like CRM, it would be better to use the services of someone with your background and experience. Having been through this process with numerous companies, we felt that you could help us navigate virgin territory quickly and easily.

"In our estimation, you have done an excellent job in helping us analyze our needs and how they fit with the offerings of various software vendors. More than that, you have done a great job in illuminating for management the potential problems and pitfalls to avoid with CRM systems, implementation and management.

"As you have pointed out on numerous occasions, CRM won't fix internal process problems that exist. You have made it very clear that our investment in this software needs to be more than the money it costs to purchase and install. So it is because of this educational process that you have brought us through, that we have decided to halt the CRM selection process and focus first on improving our internal processes, communication, and management. Not only do we have no complaints with the work you have done for us, we thank you for your efforts in making sure we don't go down a CRM path that isn't right for us at this time.

"As our organization grows and matures over the next 12 months, we look forward to following up with you at a later date.  Although the results were not what we expected, we thank you for the work you have done for us and appreciate the value you have brought to the table."

Steve Waymel, CEO


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