Code of Professional Responsibility

We at EMA believe that it is our basic responsibility to put the interests of our clients ahead of our own and to serve them with honesty, integrity, and competence.

We understand that we are being hired for our objectivity, sales and marketing expertise, training skills, analytical abilities and strategic management judgment. We will apply our concentrated attention to the solution of our client's problems.

We will treat all client information as confidential and we will not take any actions based on inside information. We will not work for two or more clients in the same industry on competitive issues without the approval of each of them to do so. Also, we will inform our clients of any circumstances that might influence our objectivity.

We will accept only those assignments that we are qualified to perform; and, more important, we will not take on a project unless we quantitatively estimate the benefits to the client will greatly surpass our fees. We present our qualifications based on our competence and experience and develop each solution on an individualized basis so as to address the client's specific problems.

Before accepting an assignment, we strive to make the scope of work and fees as clear as possible. In addition, we do not accept fees or commissions from vendors of computer and/or telecommunications equipment, software or services we may recommend to our clients.

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is knowing how to efficiently identify, effectively acquire and retain, at high satisfaction levels, customers with the lowest cost of acquisition and the potential for the highest repeatable margins over the longest controllable lifecycles. EMA also helps set up the continuous improvement processes so the Client is always getting better at CLM.

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