A Partial Client List

AT&T Wireless Services

Autom Church Supply Company

Bechtel Corp.

Circle International (The Harper Group)

Climax Portable Machine Tools

Coast Distribution Systems

CSG Professional Services, Inc.

DAT Services (Jubitz Corp.)

Data Securities International

Dataquest (Dun & Bradstreet)

D-W International Industries Corp

Electronic Controls Design, Inc.

Epicor Software

ESHA Research, Inc.

Express Temporary Services

Fial Incorporated

Foxboro/ICT, Inc.

GemStone Systems, Inc.

Good Catalog Company

Grid Systems Corp.

GWI Software

Imagina, Inc.

In Focus Systems, Inc.

ips Publishing, Inc.

Jubitz Fleet Services

Ketiv Technologies, Inc.


Larsen Electronics, Inc.


Now Software Inc.

Office Furniture Warehouse

Paragon Cable TV

Performance Pet Foods

Portland General Electric

Praegitzer Industries, Inc.

Projectus, Inc.

R•B Rubber Products Inc.

Specialty Heating & Fabrication

Storage Dimensions a Maxtor Co.

Symantec Corporation

Tactica Corporation

Telecom Systems, Inc.

Teledyne Corporation

The Dark Group

The Red Chip Review


Town Center Motorcycles

US Bancorp

US Bank

Wacker Siltronic, Inc.

Webtrends (NetIQ)

Wyatt Software

Zetein Network

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